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East Tennessee Public Television
KIDS GO! Writers Contest

Erin Conley
2nd Place, 2nd Grade Category

Tenth Annual
Tate’s Regional Science Fair

Eleanor Tant
Fountain of Flu: Can H1-N1 Be Spread
On Drinking Fountain Handles?

Zan Killeffer
Double Brain: Does Multitasking Work?

Kame Reidy
Moss, Glorious Moss: How Acidic
Can Water Be Before It Affects Moss?
3rd Place, 3rd Grade Life Science

Thomas Simunovic
Cool Conducting: Does Water
Conduct Electricity Better After A Runoff?
3rd Place, 3rd Grade Physical Science

Marcela Miller
The Doctor’s in the Dog House: Does Dog Saliva
Kill Bacteria Better Than Human Saliva?
2nd Place, 4th Grade Life Science



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